• Looking to Expand Your Startup?

    You're in the right place! Learn what you'll gain from being involved in Tech.Co's Startup of the Year program.

    Meet Top Investors

    This is your chance to network and develop relationships with Tech.Co's community of investors, mentors and industry leaders. Meet the people who can propel your business forward!

    Gain Insights

    Join Tech.Co's alumni of startups, develop life long connections and meet people who can help drive the success of your business.

    Get Funding

    The best companies at Innovate! and Celebrate will be eligible for participation in Tech.Co Ventures. In addition to this Investment Community, many funding opportunities arise at Innovate! and Celebrate between our startups and investors, mentors and judges.

    Win Prizes

    Tech.Co has a dense network of sponsors who offer their products and services to ensure the highest successes of our startups. American Airlines business travel points, IBM business services credits, various startup resources, media coverage, connections with nationally recognized accelerators, awesome gear, and community recognition are among potential prizes.

  • Applicant Requirements

    Before you apply please make sure your company falls in line with our application requirements. Please refer to our FAQ page for more answers to common questions.

    • Startups must be fewer than 4 years old at time of application
    • Startups must have no more than $4MM USD funding at time of application
    • Startups must have a live and viable product
    • Startups must be INNOVATIVE! - Make sure to describe and exhibit why your company is disruptive and exciting in your application. We are looking to learn why your company is the right company to solve the issue you are addressing.
  • Program Process & Timeline

    To ensure your application is submitted successfully, please carefully review our program process and be aware of important deadlines.


    >> We invite thousands of startups to apply as they look to take the next step towards success.
    >> Selected startups get to participate in various events, get exposure to our millions of readers, and more.
    >> Our influencers, investors, judges and internal team go through a rigorous process to find the top 100 startups who will be invited to our Startup of the Year competition at the annual Innovate! and Celebrate event.

    November 15, 2016 - May 31, 2017

    Startup applications will be accepted. It is very important all applications are complete during this time period. There will be no deadline extensions. Deadline is midnight (PST) May 31.

    June 1 - July 15, 2017

    Tech.Co internal team will review applications. Tech.Co’s network of external judges will review and assess the applicant pool as well.

    June 13 - June 30, 2017

    Live polling begins on Tech.Co. Selected startup applicants will be entered into this poll. Make sure to share with your network!

    Mid-July, 2017

    Tech.Co will send invitations to the Top 100 Startups to head to the semifinal competition at Innovate! and Celebrate.

    October 9-11, 2017

    Innovate! And Celebrate commences! Startups, conference attendees, judges, mentors, investors, and tech leaders will congregate in San Francisco, CA for the big event. Bring your A-Game!